Unveiling Unparalleled Luxury: Our 4500 sqft Residential Retreat 🏡🌿

Step into a world of architectural brilliance—a 4500 sqft sanctuary where elegance meets nature. The foyer opens to a seamless lobby, connecting living, dining, pooja, kitchen, powder room, and a master bedroom with bath.

Climb the artistic staircase to discover two bedrooms, each with its bath, a snooker area, and shared south-facing balconies. A serene north-facing balcony with a snooker area awaits. Terrace access via external stairs framed by the pooja room's chajjas. Elements like stainless steel jalis, vertical fins, and diagonal motifs adorn the walls, adding flair.

Strategic window placement welcomes winter sunlight while shielding from summer heat. Towering north trees block winter winds, while southwest breezes enhance cross ventilation. Experience purposeful design and luxury living. Welcome to Stone Whisper Retreat where nature and elegance unite."