At Aashray Studio, we believe in approaching architecture in a meticulous and systematic manner, ensuring that every aspect of the design is carefully calculated and envisioned to create the perfect abode for our clients. Our design philosophy revolves around a step-by-step process that prioritizes client requirements and budget considerations.

To initiate a project, we begin by engaging in detailed discussions with our clients to fully understand their vision and goals. We take into account their specific requirements and constraints, allowing us to tailor our design approach accordingly.

Once we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the project, we proceed by taking an advance fee of 5% or 20,000 (whichever is higher). This commitment enables us to commence the design process promptly.

Our design journey starts with a thorough site analysis and feasibility study, where we assess the project's unique characteristics, environmental factors, and regulatory requirements. This foundational step helps us gain valuable insights and informs subsequent design decisions.

With the insights gained, we move on to developing preliminary design concepts, which serve as a creative exploration of various possibilities. This phase involves space planning, where we carefully consider functionality, flow, and aesthetics to create harmonious spaces that meet our clients' needs.

The next stage encompasses schematic design, where we refine the concepts and develop a more detailed representation of the proposed design. This includes considerations for materials, colors, and textures to give life to the envisioned spaces.

Throughout the process, we pay close attention to cost estimates, ensuring that the design aligns with our clients' budget expectations. We continuously refine the design based on feedback and collaborate closely with our clients to achieve the desired outcome.

Sustainability analysis holds a significant place in our design philosophy. We integrate sustainable design principles, incorporating energy-efficient solutions, environmentally friendly materials, and practices that minimize the project's ecological footprint.

Once the design is finalized, we prepare comprehensive construction drawings, which serve as the blueprint for bringing the project to life. Our involvement extends beyond the design phase, as we offer project management services, including site visits, to ensure seamless execution and adherence to the design intent.

At Aashray Studio, our step-by-step approach guarantees a thorough and well-considered design process. We are dedicated to creating exceptional spaces that exceed expectations and provide the perfect abode for our clients' dreams to flourish.