Step into "Sable Enchanté," where modern elegance meets playful sophistication. The foyer gracefully guides you into a lobby that seamlessly connects to the vibrant living and dining spaces. The dining area extends its warmth to an open island kitchen, where contrasting colors create a culinary masterpiece.

The living and dining areas are bathed in a bright color palette, invoking a sense of openness and joy. A meticulously crafted TV panel, adorned with plywood, veneers, and sun myca, becomes a focal point, enhanced by the subtle glow of profile lights.

In the dining space, a captivating wall combines plywood, wood veneers, stone veneers, and mirror panels, creating a visual feast. The kitchen, a study in contrasts, boasts mincemeat-colored accents against sleek black stone slabs, adding depth and character.

As you ascend the cantilevered staircase, the wall comes alive with a PU panel that spans from ground to first floor, making a bold statement. A hanging cluster light in the well adjacent to the staircase adds a touch of drama and illumination.

The design comes alive with an array of lights—profile lights, hanging lights, concealed lights, LED lights, and pendant lights—creating a harmonious symphony of illumination throughout "Sable Enchanté." It's a space where every detail enchants and captivates, blending modern aesthetics with a playful touch.