Escape to the luxurious ambiance of Shadow Night Retreat, a meticulously designed dark-themed bedroom that exudes sophistication and style. The focal point is a captivating behind-the-bed panel, a seamless fusion of marble, mirror, and laminates adorned with golden pencils and a gloss finish, creating a glamorous backdrop for the sleeping area.

The false ceiling features vertical depressions, some housing profile lights and others adorned with mirrors, adding depth and drama to the room. A modern chandelier hangs elegantly in the center, casting a warm and intimate glow, complemented by two 40" diameter fans for comfort.

Flooring is graced with a wooden texture, providing a tactile and inviting touch. Two curtain sheets offer flexibility, with one providing complete darkness and the other offering a subtle transparency. Grey-colored lounge chairs in front of the main window create a cozy reading or relaxation nook.

On the left side of the bed, a full-wall mirror reflects and amplifies the space, accompanied by a wall-hung dresser in dark wooden laminate finish. The doors echo the same finish, leading to the wall-hung TV cabinet strategically placed between black metal-framed almira*hs with fluted frosted glass finish, illuminated with warm light.

Completing the design, a black full-body tile with minimal white floating threads behind the TV adds a touch of contemporary flair. Shadow Night Retreat is a symphony of dark hues, opulent materials, and strategic lighting, creating a lavish haven for relaxation and indulgence.